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Based in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, Sunrise Investigations is owned and operated by Bob Bennett. Bob Bennett's career encompasses over 30 years business, law enforcement and Private Investigation work including Surveillance Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Marital Investigations, Workers' Compensation Investigations and Insurance name a few.

Sunrise Investigations has well over 20 years of investigative and law enforcement experience.  We have successfully handled hundreds of cases ranging from theft, marital affairs, criminal defense, stolen property, tracking down lost loved ones, recording and helping convict workers' compensation frauds...and much more!

Sunrise Investigations was found to be in the top 10 investigative companies in America investigating workers' compensation frauds for an agency of the U.S. Government.  We get it done!

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CA. P.I. License #26140


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Wouldn't we all?  But many people find that it is hard to truly find peace when you don't have all the pieces.  Let SUNRISE INVESTIGATIONS  help you find those pieces.

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        Why should I hire a private investigator?

  • You want to hire a Nanny for your children and need to know his/her background.

  • You want to make sure the person you are hiring for a key position in your business has integrity.
  • You were defrauded of your life savings and need to know where the con artist hid their (your) assets.
  • You suspect your spouse is cheating and want to know for sure.
  • You want to find a long lost loved one.
  • You suspect an employee is committing fraud in healthcare/workers' compensation.